Carroll Community College


The Brendon Michael's
Commit To Get Fit Challenge

In honor of the memory of Brendon Michaels, commit to accumulating at least 4 miles of exercise each week from January 14 - February 14, 2019. This is the distance Brendon traveled from Carroll Community College to the Olive Garden to work his second job as a server.

You may walk, run, bike, hike, row, stair climb, swim or use an elliptical machine. You may perform any time and distance you wish for each workout session. The goal is simply for you to complete a minimum of 4 miles of exercise each week from January 14 - February 14, 2019. For example, walk 1 mile on 4 days each week of the challenge. You may accumulate more than 4 miles each week and set your own maximum goal as you wish. Let's see how many miles we can amass in honor of Brendon and his passion for fitness!

Register to participate by January 1, 2019.

You will later receive an email message inviting you to join The Brendon Michaels Commit To Get Fit Challenge through This link will be sent to all registered participants after the January 1 registration deadline. You will need to create a login on the site. A private challenge page link will be emailed to you inviting you to join the challenge. You will then log your workout mileage from January 14 to February 14, 2019.